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The Star Citizen Release Will Never Happen?

Star Citizen’s Release is like Nuclear Fusion, just a couple of years away! Just recently delayed their “Squadron 42” for another three months — again. Three years ago, people said Star Citizen would finish in two years but that mark...

Image of one large fish about to eat lots of smaller fish. This being interrupted by text showing "Organize!" and the smaller fish taking on the larger fish together

Unions are good!

Almost everybody needs work to survive. Everybody needs to pay their bills on time. If you weren’t born rich, you must get your income from one source or another. Most people aren’t self-employed or independent workers and sign a labor...

Thoughts on the 2019 EU Election

Thoughts on the 2019 EU Election

The 2019 Election for the European Parliament is officially over, the votes are counted and we can surely see an interesting trend in this election. For instance, the “catch-all parties” like the “Social Democrats” and “European People’s Party” lost a...

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